The Phenology Report


Santiago jumps on the bed at 2:00 Thanksgiving morning. He has been sleeping on the couch downstairs, and he greets me with a lick of my lips and a satisfied grunt before settling above my hip to slumber. I try to recapture the dream that I had been having. Lately, I dream of rocky places […]


Santiago and I have been traveling. On a Sunday morning, cloudy and cool as milk punch, we drive across the Mississippi to walk in Saint Paul with our cousins. The dogs lead: Santi and a springer spaniel named Casey. Casey has long and wavy snow-white fur with auburn spots, and he pulls like Santiago, both […]


Gold-leafed trees rise out of a morning mist along the freeway. I am driving, and my sister is in the passenger seat. When she reaches for a paper sack at her feet, Santiago rises from where he has been slumbering in the back and places his muzzle hopefully between our shoulders. I give him two […]

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